Creating Fresh Sunny Spaces With The Color Yellow

There is nothing quite like the color yellow to make our homes feel cheerful and sunny. Maybe a full yellow room isn’t your taste, but with some inspiration and fresh ideas, you just might want to consider incorporating shades of yellow in new ways in your home. There are so many fresh yellow color schemes available to try, that you just might find yourself decorating with yellow before you know it.


The Color Yellow Is…









The color yellow is a warming and cheerful color, and has the ability to lift spirits, adding a bright contrast with darker colors and cool tones.

Think about how it makes you feel to see the sun rays beaming through your window at daybreak. Bright spring daffodils bringing the first sign of spring. You can live with the warm shades of yellow all year ’round. Just simply add pops of the color yellow throughout the rooms of your home.

Where should you use a Yellow Color Scheme?

Any room can have some yellow color scheme depending on your preferences.

If you live in a gray or cold climate most of the year,  shades of yellow are a great choice for you. They will make you feel happy and warm.

Yellow hues are always a great choice for kitchens as they bring a cheerful atmosphere to an active room.

The color yellow comes in many different hues and values anywhere from a bright lemon shade to a rich earthy gold.

Yellow Front Door

Did you know?

Yellow is the first color that your eye will notice, and if you want someone to notice your home, paint it yellow, or welcome guests with a bright yellow door. There is no doubt that the color yellow makes a statement and gets noticed.


Decorating With Yellow In Every Room


Aqua and yellow color scheme is a beautiful color combination that works in most rooms.  Here is a soft version, perfect for the bedroom.


This yellow kitchen island is a great example of how a pop of the color yellow can go a long way, and is a dramatic addition to this space.


If you don’t like a lot of yellow in your room, consider adding touches of the color that are “just enough” to brighten up the earthy tones as in this classy dining room.


cottage style yellow dining room



Soft lemon yellow is a definite cottage style color.  This shade of yellow is easy on the eye, and works well with soft blue and greens.


Brown and yellow color scheme are a great contrast between dark and light.  This bedroom is a fresh modern take for adding the color yellow to your home.


Fresh country cottage colors of pink, yellow, and white are sweet and cheerful as in this guest bedroom ready to welcome anyone who comes to stay.


You can take shades of yellow to the warm side and add them with orange for a big splash of sunshine to your home.


This room is a great balance of cool and warm colors.  I  like the way the mediterranean blue, orange and yellow color combination work so well together. This living room just says “happy”!


A classic bathroom is a great place to add a shade of yellow.  I love the way this yellow and white bathroom is simple and fresh in style.


Are you feeling happy after all those beautiful images?  Maybe you will want to add some shade of yellow to your home.

What do you think? How do you use the color yellow in your home?

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  1. Brenda N says

    I had a warm yellow kitchen when we lived in Illinois. It really did cheer us up during a long string of cloudy, gray days! Such a happy color!

  2. says

    I try keep a small bouquet of fresh yellow flowers on the sofa table between the family room and dining room. It’s one of the first things I see as I walk through the house! Yellow flowers really do make me happy! I have found that I can usually find a bouquet at Walmart or a local grocery for between 5 and 10 dollars…soooo worth it!

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