20 Springtime Uses For Vinegar

There are hundreds of uses for vinegar, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  We are in the season of Spring cleaning and gardening, so I created this list of my top 20 ways to use vinegar in my home.

Vinegar is not only money saving, but it is a fantastic natural way to clean and take care of a large variety of household problems.  Over time I have eliminated harmful toxins and harsh chemicals from our home.  Using vinegar is one of those ways that makes me feel good that I am not only saving money, but keeping our home Eco-friendly.

20 Uses For Vinegar

My Top 20 Springtime Uses For Vinegar

1. Clean out the refrigerator with a vinegar / water solution. Apple cider vinegar helps to absorb bad odors for a couple of days if left in an open container.

2. Cleans wooden cutting boards. Works as a great substitue for baking soda, making the boards clean and free of germs.

3. Brass polisher. Vinegar (a cup) mixed with a teaspoon of salt, and a cup of flour makes a brass polish paste. Rub into brass or any metal cookware and leave for fifteen minutes before rinsing with warm water, then polish dry till they shine.

4. Insect repellent. Vinegar is a safe and effective insect repellent, chasing away ants and other insects once you wash the countertops with a vinegar solution.

5. Fruit Fly Trap. Place a small bowl of vinegar on counter, add a few a drops of liquid dish detergent. The detergent creates a skim on the top of the vinegar, and the gnat or fruit fly can’t escape and drowns. Works like a charm!

6. Weed killer. Vinegar is a great natural way to kill weeds in the lawn.  Over the counter weed killers are full of harmful chemicals, and vinegar is a great alternative. Be sure to just spray your unwanted plants and not the ground. Vinegar will kill your grass as well, so be careful to get it just where you want it!

7. Enhances the acidity in soil. When some plants call for high acid soil, use a gallon of water to a cup of vinegar then water these plants.

8. Preserves flowers. Love cut flowers in the home? Add two tablespoons of vinegar and sugar to the water to help the flowers last longer.

9. Alternate fertilizer. Vinegar, used an in eight to one mixture with water helps to fertilize plants that are in need of help. Do not use on healthy plants.

10. Soap scum remover. Rub in white distilled vinegar followed by a nice scrub with baking soda to remove soap scum from tubs and showers. Rinse well with water.

11. Toilet cleaner. Vinegar works as a substitute for baking soda to clean the toilet, inside and out. Allow vinegar to stand in bowl for half an hour before flushing.

12. Shower cleaner. If you soak a towel in vinegar then wrap around the shower head to remove the corrosion and buildup of hard water.

13. Disinfectant. Spray and clean with full-strength vinegar on all bathroom surfaces to kill germs.

14. Tile cleanser. Vinegar works well to clean mildew and scum build up on tiles and grout. Mix 1 gallon of warm water with 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of ammonia and 1/2 cup of baking soda for optimum effectiveness.

15. First aid. Vinegar takes the sting out of insect bites and stings and takes the burn out of sunburns. Apple cider vinegar also works to soothe sunburns too. Apply a vinegar paste of vinegar and cornstarch to dry, itchy skin to soothe and moisturize. To fight dandruff rinse shampooed hair with a one to four mixture of vinegar to water.

16. Pet odor remover. After bathing your pet, mix one cup of vinegar to two gallons of water and pour over dog, or do this instead of bathing too.

17. Mildew remover in laundry. Add vinegar in place of a fabric softener, and it will freshen up your towels and cloth items that have gotten mildewed. Vinegar naturally freshens laundry and is a softener as well.

18. Make my favorite recipe for Natural Window Cleaner Recipe

19. Make this great Natural Furniture Polish Recipe

20. Make your own All Purpose Fresh Citrus Vinegar Cleaner 

(recipe below)

homemade citrus vinegar cleaner- 20 uses for vinegar

Recipe For All Purpose Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

  • Use your favorite Citrus fruit peels. (Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit or Lime)
  • Place peels in a quart fruit jar
  • Add 3 1/2 Cups of distilled vinegar, cover with lid.
  • Shake up vinegar a few times and place mixture in cupboard to let it “marinate” for 1-2 weeks.
  • After 1-2 weeks, strain vinegar, to remove fruit peelings and sediment.
  • Pour citrus vinegar mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Add some drops of your favorite scent of essential oil, like lemon, orange or lavender, and shake up. (I like lavenderfor a fresh clean smell)

This vinegar cleaner works well for cleaning all kinds of surfaces in your home.

I hope you are inspired by these quick 20 uses for vinegar. There are literally hundreds of uses for vinegar, but I wanted to hit the highlights for you, and hopefully show you how wonderful this common household item can be.  Just think, of the money you will be saving and creating a fresh environment for your family at the same time.

Happy Spring cleaning and gardening!

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    • says


      The brand doesn’t matter. Just buy basic distilled vinegar. Now some people do use Organic depending on where they are using it. But organic is much more expensive and comes in a very small container. When using for the lawn I would never use organic, as I need a lot!

      Hope that helps.

  1. Sandy Brink says

    I use plain old cheap white vinegar in the dishwasher rinse dispenser instead of expensive Jet Dry

  2. Natalie Bowen says

    Can you tell me what effectively kills mold out of a tea maker (much like a coffee maker)? I left tea bags in there a couple months ago and totally forgot (we just moved so I haven’t found my brain yet)! I am very health conscious so I am tempted to toss it but it wasn’t cheap…! And was a bday gift from my hubby! I soaked the parts in vinegar and tried to clean it a little with a toothbrush…is that sufficient or don’t risk it?
    :( Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Natalie,
      I wanted to be sure to give you the right answer, so I went searching and it does seem that running vinegar and water through your coffee or tea maker will sufficiently get rid of mold. I even found articles that said vinegar would kill mold in areas of our homes, so I am sure it will work well for your tea maker. I would make sure that you get it heated. So run some vinegar through it like you are making tea, then run through just plain water to remove all vinegar, and you should be good! I did a google search and came up with lots of good info : )
      Don’t throw it out!

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing all these great tips. I didn’t know there were so many ways to use vinegar around the home!

  4. says

    I’m a huge fan of vinegar too! Great post Denise! Isn’t it fun to find natural ways to clean, etc without using all those toxic cleaners? Plus…there is such a tremendous savings. Yay!
    Hope all is well!

  5. says

    I’ve recently discovered a lot of great advantages of using vinegar to clean. Before, I only purchased it for dyeing eggs! I use it to bathe my dog using a mixture of water, vinegar and Dawn dishwashing liquid. It kills any fleas and really brightens his coat. I also recently used this mixture for my hardwood floors and it worked really great!

    • Lisa Silver says

      Please give me the ratio on which you used the vinegar & water & Dawn for heloing your dog with fleas & for a shiny coat. I have 3 dogs & in Flirida the eggs are hafching & there is nithing that breaks me heart worse than to know those creepy crawly biting varmits are hurting my pooches. They like myself are very sensitive to any chemucal solutions or soaps to kill fleas. This sounds like a blessing. Thank you so very much. =-)

  6. CindyLouWho7 says

    This is common knowledge that should have been passed down to us from our ancestors but they got caught up in the new spray bottles and cleaning solutions that the company’s made to supposedly make it easier or better for them to clean with. I am glad this knowledge hasnt been completely forgotten. :) The natural way is the better way and only way of surviving without getting cancer or any other illnesses that come from using chemicals.

    • says

      Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and
      I’m impressed! Very useful information particularly the last part :) I care for such information much. I was seeking this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  7. Debbie Gaskins says

    Please explain to me about vinegar as weed killer and vinegar used on plants to inhance, fertilize and preserve. I’m scared to put it on anything I don’t want to kill.

  8. says

    Down here in Guatemala, we can usually only get “synthetic” vinegar (occasionally we can find Heinz, but it’s expensive/imported)… Will synthetic work for your cleaners? I’ve been using it in my homemade bleach and as fabric softener but I have nothing to compare it to in order to see if it works as well as distilled.

    Also, do you have any ideas for making a spray to kill fleas? We are under attack in my home and my yard! I hate spraying the chemicals they make for dogs all around my house… I actually had to sprinkle flea powder on my ankles yesterday! THANKS!! =]

    • Cathy F says

      Sherri , use baking soda & salt { depending on size of home } 1 part salt , 1 part baking soda .. leave on for 1hr , works wonders ..

    • Ally says

      I used clove oil for repelling fleas. I wonder if you could just buy a bottle of cloves and boil them like tea to get the oils to spray around. The smell repells many insects, fleas, ticks.

  9. says

    Very timely for me to find this post. With all the things fermenting around here and it getting very warm I am dreading another fruit fly multiplication. I have tried all kinds of traps with limited success. I hope this works! I am also planting a couple of blueberry bushes, which like acidic soil. Great idea since I didn’t want to buy commercial gardening sulfur.

  10. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Some major spring cleaning is on the horizon for me and this is perfect timing. I am going to try your all-purpose cleaner.

    Stopping over from Serenity Now.

  11. Jennifer O says

    I made the vinegar and orange peels, but mine turned brown. Not sure what I did wrong. Anyone else experience this problem?

  12. Jen says

    When there are fruit flys in my kitchen, i fill a glas with some vinegar, a few drops of dishwashing detergent and fill it up with water. They will get attracted to it and will drown.

    • pamela says

      Thank you Jen, wonder do you use more vinegar than water, Also do you know if it works on mosquitos. If it dont do you know what does work on mosquitos in the house or outdoors.

  13. Brian Parton says

    I use it as a limescale remover also. Works great for lime build up in coffee maker, dishwasher, shower heads, etc…..

  14. says

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  15. Laura says

    Another great use you might not be aware of. As a person who wears hearing aids daily, I have one more use for vinegar that I absolutely could not live without. The hearing aids trap moisture inside my ear canals and I end up with something like swimmer’s ear which itches so bad I feel like something is crawling inside my head! My ENT specialist advised me to make a 1:1 vinegar and warm water mixture that I then gently flush into each ear canal with a bulb syringe. This acidifies the ear canal and effectively evicts the unwanted ear guests that cause the itchy swimmer’s ear. I find that if I do this every 2-3 days, I don’t have any problems with pruritus or pain in my ears.

    • Glenda Sanders says

      Uh oh… I tried it on my granite vanity top to try to get rid of the crusty deposits around the fixtures. It didn’t work & took the sheen right off the granite. The nickel fixtures wound up stained too. I still haven’t found anything to remove the calcium/limescale buildup from granite. Any ideas?

  16. says

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    Looking through this post reminds me of my
    previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this.
    I’ll send this information to him. Fairly certain
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  17. says

    I love all the solutions, but would like to be able to print the information without the ads and comments. It’s kind of difficult to remember all the recipes when trying to get a particular job accomplished. Printing 10 pages, when 3 will do is not very eco-friendly. Do you have a way to format the page before printing?

  18. says

    I didn’t see mentioned something that I used vinegar for when my children were little. It’s a little thing I like to call ‘whine medicine’. When little ones have the whining illness, a couple of tablespoons ‘whine medicine’ (vinegar) can be the cure many times. :) And it’s probably a lot better for them than what is found in over the counter children’s medicine.

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  20. Cynthia says

    I buy vinegar by the gallon and take the orange or lemon peels and drop them right into the jug. I leave them in there as I use the gallon of vinegar and it gives it the orange or lemon scent. I have also used grapefruit peels.

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