Teen Bedroom Ideas

If you are looking for teen bedroom ideas, a good place to start is to look at the lifestyle of your teen.  Today’s teens have a lot going on in their lives and need a bedroom that will welcome them each and every time they enter.  Teen rooms should be a refuge at the end of a long school or workday.

A teen bedroom should also be a place where friends can come and hang out comfortably. Your teenager is likely to have his or her own ideas about theme, decor, and colors, so get their thoughts
before making major decisions.

Teenagers are in a stage of life when they are trying to make sense of who they are as an individual and how they fit into the world around them. Their bedroom should be a safe place where they feel comfortable and where their personality is unmistakably showcased.

Does your teen love bright, bold colors? When looking for teen bedroom ideas, incorporate fabrics, artwork, and colorful throw rugs to bring those colors into the room. Perhaps your teen prefers sleek and modern lines? Focus on just a few key furniture items and enclosed storage options so they can easily store their stuff out of sight.

Teen Bedroom Decorating For Girls

  • Retro
  • Cottage-style
  • Beach or Hawaiian theme
  • Camouflage with blues/pinks
  • French style
  • Hollywood/Glamour
  • Modern/Funky
  • Vintage or Hippie
  • Shabby Chic

Popular paint colors for teen bedroom decorating themes are pink, purple, white, turquoise, and soft orange tones.

Teen Bedroom Decorating For Boys

  • Nautical
  • Rustic/Lodge/Cabin
  • Surfer/Beach
  • Sports
  • Camouflage (traditional colors)

For teenage boys rooms, paint colors that are most often used are gray, navy, sky blue, khaki, and red.


More Teen Bedroom Ideas

A seating area is a key element in teen rooms. Granted, the bed is a popular place for teenagers to do their homework.  However, if there’s enough space in the bedroom, add a small couch and/or several large floor pillows for seating that doesn’t include the bed.

It’s not necessary to replace all of your teenager’s furniture. However, the one furniture piece you may want to consider switching out is the bed. If your teen has plans to head to college in a few years, consider a full or queen size bed for them now. That way, it can double as a comfortable guest bed when your young adult is away at college.

Some quick teen bedroom ideas for transforming your child’s bedroom into a more grown up space might include:

  • Make a fabric slipcover for the headboard to bring in the new theme.
  • Don’t underestimate garage sales and thrift stores. Take your teen with you and see what catches their eye.
  • Add fabric, beads, crystals, or ribbon accents to lampshades and mirrors.
  • Group several small mirrors or other like items together to create a new wall of artwork.
    Better yet, have your teenager paint a few pieces and put them up.
  • Suspend paper lanterns from the ceiling.
  • String mini lights around the ceiling to lend some relaxing ambiance.
  • Paint the ceiling.
  • Try texture on the walls – rag-rolling or sponging.
  • Frame favorite posters to give them a more grown-up appearance.
  • Add sequins, lace, or other accents to existing window treatments or make your own from yards of fabric your teen chooses at the fabric store.
  • Turn favorite sports jerseys or t-shirts into fun throw pillows or display several in individual shadow boxes.

Allow your teens creativity (within reason) to flow and their room will turn out just right for him/her.

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