Easy Salon Pedicures and Manicures At Home

Summer is here and as we’re in full swing of sandal and flip-flop season our feet and hands can need some attention. Did you know you can do your own salon style pedicures and manicures at home? Maybe you can’t afford the expensive salon treatments, or just want to save some money. In no time at all you can get your feet and hands looking beautiful for the season’s fun times.

pedicures and manicures at home

Here are the simple steps to follow to creating your own pedicures and manicures at home. So grab a good movie, a glass of your favorite refreshing drink and gather all your supplies, and get ready to pamper yourself! This is simple and relaxing.  What could be better than that?

Supplies you will need for your at-home foot and hand spa treatment

  • Plastic tub, or foot spa bath filled with warm water
  • Cuticle oil and cuticle orange stick
  • Nail polish & polish remover
  • Nail clippers, nail file, pumice stone or large exfoliating foot file
  • 2-3 Towels (1 dampened and heated in microwave)
  • Vitamin E oil or oil of choice, lotion, and favorite essential oils (see more about this below)
  • Your homemade homemade lavender scrub or any favorite exfoliating scrub you like.


Easy Salon Pedicures and Manicures At Home

1. Remove all nail polish, clip & file nails where needed.
2. In a large bowl or plastic tub, put Epsom salts, your own homemade bath salts or favorite essential oils, such as lavender, into warm water to create a luxurious, at-home spa experience. Put olive oil, baby oil , cuticle cream,or any oil you have at home onto your cuticles and massage a bit before soaking.
3. After soaking for 15 minutes. Push back cuticles with a cuticle stick after soaking, but don’t cut cuticles!. Only trim hangnails or ragged cuticles on the side. If you trim your cuticles the wrong way, it can cause damage and peeling.
4. Exfoliate with a lavender sugar scrub or create your favorite scent of sugar scrub. You can also add lemon for a invigorating citrus smell. The texture from sugar scrub will slough off your dead skin. After exfoliating, scrub your calluses on your feet with a pumice stone. Then rinse well.
5. Place a moist towel warmed in the microwave just like they do at the nail salon on your hands and feet. This promotes circulation it feels really good and makes you feel pampered.
6. Use a non-greasy lotion to moisturize your hands and feet. Next, remove any oil and lotion residue on your nails with a non-acetone nail polish remover. This is an important step: your nail polish will not last if there’s any greasiness on your nails.
7. Base coat: If you have weak nails, use a nail strengthener in place of a base coat. Otherwise, apply one coat of base coat. Carefully apply two layers of nail color and make sure the polish dries in between coats. Then, one coat of top coat will seal your nails—preferably a quick dry top coat.
8. For no-smudge nails and toes, brush a vitamin E oil or even use a little olive oil or lightly spray a non-stick cooking spray on to wet nails and toes keep them from getting nicked up while drying.
9. Now sit and relax and enjoy a good movie while your nails and feet dry, and think of how you want to spend the money you just saved by doing your own salon pedicure and manicure at home!
10.Be sure to touch up the edge of your nails with color and top coat since the polish comes off there first. Plus, it will look finished and professional—like you got them done at a salon!
*Nail Polish Tip: To ensure your nail products retain freshness, store them in the refrigerator.
 pedicures and manicures at home

I hope you will try your own salon style pedicures and manicures at home.
Now be sure to grab your favorite flip-flops or sandals, and show off your pretty toes and fingers, it’s time for some fun summer time!

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