10 Ways To Upcycle & Use Dressers For Any Room

Have you ever thought of trying to upcycle and use dressers for any room in your house?  There are a myriad of ideas for organizing with dressers and dresser drawers, and creating a useful piece of furniture that meets many needs.

upcycling and using dressers for every room

Antique, used and new dressers are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you could own. You might want to consider upcycling, reinventing, and moving a dresser out of the standard bedroom use to think outside the box with new ideas for this common piece of furniture. There are endless ideas and that is what makes dressers my favorite piece of furniture EVER! After all dressers are the ultimate organizing furniture piece. Readily available at garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets, anyone can find dressers.  If you are savvy you can score dressers for a good price and have fun trying your hand at upcycling, painting and using them in unique ways.

dresser used to organize dining roomCountry Living

10 Ways To Upcycle Dressers For Every Room

  1. Dining Room: As a sideboard holding linens, candles, china, and silverware
  2. Baby’s Room: As a changing table
  3. Bathroom: For towels and toiletries
  4. Living Room: For media storage
  5. Kitchen: For pots and pans, utensils, and pantry items.
  6. Back Porch: For a garden station holding garden tools, pots, and plants on top
  7. Craft Room: For scrapbook and art supplies
  8. Family Room: For games,puzzles and video game paraphanalia
  9. Home School Room: For School supplies, curriculum, paper, and notebooks
  10. Dressers Drawers can be used for shelves and storage bins, to plant flowers, to store books, and toys.  The ideas are endless.

After deciding what to put IN the dresser, you might want to think about some ways to fix up the exterior of the dresser in new and fun ways. I love this idea with letter decals. Easy to apply and easy to take off when you want a change. I can see this working in many places of my home.

More Ways To Use Dressers

dresser used in new waysCountry Living

  Don’t forget the idea of using the dresser drawers. Here they were used for shelves on the wall. I love this great idea of lining dresser drawers with wallpaper, and painting them in fun colors. You could do this in all kinds of ways in any room.

dresser drawers used on the wallBetter Homes and Gardens

How about painting a dresser with a colored stain wash as shown on this dresser? Then you could glue on wood embellishments found at your local craft store to create an elegant dresser such as this one.

red2-de-81964980Country Living

This entire blog post was inspired by the fact that I  moved this dresser (shown below) down to our living room to use for our television. I was so tired of trying to make different things work for our TV, and when I moved this dresser down, it was the perfect piece I had been looking for! Let’s face it, televisions just aren’t a pretty item, so why not put them on a pretty antique dresser? dresser used for television Since I have been organizing this month, I worked on getting all our movies in our new television (dresser) stand. I was so happy with the results. This solution for our movies and media items is perfect,and works well for our entire family. antique dresser used for media storage

Don’t you love this idea? A dresser used for a kitchen island! I am now on the hunt for a dresser to transform into a kitchen island for my own kitchen. I absolutely love this idea.  I’ll keep you posted and show you what I come up with. dresser transformed as a kitchen islandApartment Therapy

  And here is another great television and media solution using a dresser. I like how they removed the drawers to make room for the media items.

tv media stand from dresser This great upcycled dresser idea is from Our Blue Front Door

  I love these cute bathroom hooks made from dresser drawer fronts. Paint and add some fun knobs for holding towels. This is a fun and easy project anyone could do.

dresser drawer fronts used for wall hooks in bathroomDesign Sponge

  Last but not least I had to share the way these dresser drawers were upcycled with paint, wallpaper backing, and then configured to create wall organization. Awesome!

dresser drawers stacked up as wall shelvesCountry Living

So what do you think? Are you ready to start hunting for dressers? Maybe you have some dresser and dresser drawers upcycled, renewed, and given a new purpose that you never thought of before.

upcycling and using dressers for every room

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