Displaying Collections As Home Decor Accents

Have you considered displaying collections you love in an artful and meaningful way? Every where we turn we mostly hear about simplifying, and living a minimalistic life within our homes. I think this is a good thing, and I am all for cleaning out my house, de-cluttering and getting rid of the things that I know we don’t need anymore, but I do believe that we need to also surround ourselves with things that bring us pleasure, memories, and help to preserve the past. Whenever I start a de-cluttering process in my home, I notice that I will be drawn to certain things that I don’t want to part with, and after I have cleaned the excess, I can actually enjoy my collections and most memorable items that much more. displaying collection in your home I believe that you can have a simplified and de-cluttered looking home and still display the things you love.  With some forethought, artful arranging and grouping of like-items you can make your home so unique to you, and one that reflects all that is meaningful to you.  I hope this post will inspire you to start displaying collections you love.

Ways To Start Displaying Collections

Most people seem to have a penchant for collecting things whether it’s vintage linens, teacups and saucers, antique collectibles, pitchers and plates. We collect things because we love how they look, how they feel between our fingers, or because they bring back fond memories of loved ones or our own childhood. The reasons we collect are too many to name, but I do know that displaying collections is a wonderful way to decorate our homes.

Cottage and farmhouse style homes are one of the most known for displaying collections, and lend themselves to adding the vintage charm that comes with these items.

Ideas For Displaying Collections In Your Home

  • Postage stamp collections look fantastic matted and framed and hung in a series on the wall. Mat and frame just one stamp or create a collage.
  • Vintage samplers bring charm and warmth to any room when framed and hung on a wall, set on display shelves or in the back of a lighted hutch.
  • Antique lures and fishing tackle “hooked” to a natural piece of wood and hung on the wall, as the focal piece would thrill any angler. Hang fishing creels on wall pegs and place  vintage minnow buckets on rustic shelves and you have a unique collection display.
  • Vintage books still look great on a bookshelf, but how about using stacks of them to create the base of a shelf? Displaying collections of vintage books that are falling apart might be best displayed within a glass hutch so they can be seen, but will be protected.
  • Use frames to showcase a collection that has small items to it.  Buttons, jewelry,  and old keys work well this way.
  • Create a gallery wall with old photographs, and family items that bring meaning for the entire family to enjoy.
  • A mannequin hand (or several) is perfect for dislpaying collections of vintage jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Consider mounting the hand to a mirror and you’ll have instant elegance and sparkle.
  • Vintage clothing such as bonnets, hats, or christening gowns will soften any room when displayed on a series of wall pegs or hung on an old hallway tree.
  • Shadow boxes are ideal for antique collectibles you may want to protect – such items as postcards, ticket stubs, birth certificates, a marriage license, or momentos from your wedding.
  • Teacups and saucers are wonderful collection displays for your kitchen and dining room. Use wrought iron plate racks vertically and horizontally to create visual interest. Teacups can be hung on small hooks or placed on shelf. Create depth by placing a few teacups inside wooden square cubbies.
  • Antique collectibles automatically appear to be at home on a great mantel.
  • In the kitchen – display vintage cookie jars, tins, fiesta ware, old dishes you love, and any vintage kitchen items that add character.
  • Vintage quilts and tablecloths can be hung as wall art or in hung over the rungs an old ladder.
  • Antique silver will take on a whole new look when housed within an antique hutch. Or, use an old fashioned tea trolley to display your silver items openly. Even consider hanging your old silverware from a chandelier.
  • A child’s bedroom is the perfect place for collection displays of vintage automobiles and trucks
  • A sunroom or kitchen with a wide windowsill is perfect for displaying collections of vintage glassware. When the sun comes into the windows, they’ll sparkle.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Collections In Control

To keep your collections from looking like they are adding clutter, keep them contained within a concentrated area, and keep them grouped together by color or type of item, instead of scattered all about. This will make your collections shine as the star of your home, and yet not make things look too busy within your home.

No matter what it is you like to collect, when you take the time for displaying collections throughout your home, you will be pleased with the end result.  You’ll be surrounded by those items you love the most, while creating a beautiful and inviting home at the same time. I hope you are inspired to start displaying your collections! Embrace the things that you love the most, and really in the end you will love your home that much more. Let me know what you like to collect, I would love to hear all about it.

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