Decorating With Plants – The Beauty and Benefits of Houseplants

I have been having fun decorating with plants in my home. I used to have a lot of plants and slowly over time they kind of went by the wayside. (In other words they died!) I decided it was time to bring touches of nature back into the house through living plants!
decorating with plants

How To Start Decorating With Plants

There are so many ways to start decorating with plants.  Houseplants can be tucked into corners and fill in gaps where you need some fresh greenery and texture.  The nice thing with indoor green plants is that they aren’t seasonal, so no matter what the time of year they just work.  You don’t even have to be gifted with a green thumb to keep plants like I do. I keep  simple houseplants that don’t require much work, and wow what a difference they make in our home.

I water my plants once a week, and use the Miracle-Gro Liquid Houseplant Food That is it! Really easy.

I don’t water my succulents that often, but I will tell you more about that in a moment.

decorating with plants

When decorating with plants I love to find interesting pots for my plants.  The pot you use, can make all the difference by varying the texture, color and shape,  My favorite store for plant pots is TJ Maxx, and is where I found this cute green one.  I love the way this potted plant adds interest when placed on top of a stack of books on my mantle.

decorating with plants and plates

I also found this fresh blue pot at TJ Maxx, and love the way it works so well to add dimension to my eclectic plate wall collection.

decorating with plants in your home

Plants can bring a transition from outside to inside.  Bringing the shades of green found naturally in plants is soothing to the eye and helps our home environment at the same time. I love placing plants in a window sill to bring the natural feel from the outside in.

Don’t be afraid to rotate and move your plants around to different places in your home.  When seasons change sometimes a plant can do better in more sun or less depending on the amount of light you have coming into your rooms.

decorating with succulents

How To Start Decorating With Succulents

Decorating with plants is so fun and easy and especially with glorious succulents. Succulents are my latest obsession!  You see these succulent plants being used all over the place in homes, in flower arrangements and even wedding bouquets.  Succulents are so easy to take care of, are hardy, and require very little care.

My succulents have taken off, since I planted them.  I bought these two plain glass bowls at Michael’s craft store, and planted my succulents in a cactus potting mix. I added some rocks to the bottom and top of the dirt to help with drainage, and that’s it.  I had a hard time finding enough succulents around here at my local nursery, so I ordered these 20 Gorgeous Succulents in 2″ plastic pots from Amazon, and I was very pleased with the selection they sent me. The plants came in good condition with packing peanuts all around them.

I water my succulents only once every 2-3 weeks, when the dirt gets dried out.  Succulents are part of the cactus family,and hold a lot of water in their leaves.

For more inspiration with succulents you can head over to my Pinterest board full of them!

decorating with plants to clean the air

My largest houseplant is the Peace Lily.  The fun of decorating with plants is finding varieties of sizes, shapes and textures, and even some that give you a bloom once in a while. Larger plants are great for filling in corners of your home.  This Peace Lily produces a pretty white lily continuously and is one of the best rated plants for cleaning the air in your home!

decorating with artificial plants

And…if you just don’t want the hassle of real houseplants you can start decorating with artificial plants! You can find realistic looking fake plants that have no care needed at all. I love this sweet little white potted shrubby plant I found, and I use it in decorating as well. I am not afraid to use artificial plants along with real ones. Why not?

how to decorate with plants

So what about you? Do you like decorating with plants? I hope this post will inspire you to start filling in nooks and crannies, placing plants on stacked books or filling a corner of your window, and unused space.

Plants provide clean air, natural beauty, and a calming effect while making our homes look pretty. The best part is houseplants are easy to care for and are a cheap decorating element.

Have fun decorating with plants!

For more inspiration you can check out my fun plant Pinterest board full of more ideas.

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