Cottage Style Decorating

white cottage chairs

Cottage Style Decorating is a look that is cozy and comfortable. A homey atmosphere that allows room for your own personal taste to shine through. It’s nothing too formal or stuffy, and welcomes everyone to relax and feel at ease.

No matter where you live whether in the city or country, an apartment or house, you can create the Cottage retreat that reflects your idea of home.

Look around you in decorating magazines and books. Browse your Pottery Barn catalogs. Pick up the latest home interior catalogs. What do you see? You will notice, an easy living style that is called Cottage Style Decorating.

Maybe you envision a white picket fence and shutters on the window, or an old English cottage in the countryside. Those looks are commonly associated with the word cottage. I want to show you that while cottage style can take on the white picket fence and shutters, it can be so much more!

It has been said that Cottage Style is a redefined version of American Country decorating. Don’t worry, it’s not the country blue and mauve pink combo of the 80′s!


~Today’s Cottage Style Decorating is…Fresh, Fabulous and Fun!~

You will find within cottage homes an interesting mix of trends and styles.  There are pale and vibrant colors and everything from painted, distressed furniture to slipcovered and traditional. There is also vintage style mixed with classic and more modern decor. Cottage style decorating includes everything under the sun and can be achieved by anyone-even you!

country pitcher with sunflowers

There are a variety of interior decorating styles that all fit within today’s Cottage Style. Go ahead and explore the variety of colors, textures and accents. Soon you will find decorating style ideas and the cottage look that really sparks your interest.

But…I’m warning you, if you’re anything like me, you probably can’t pick just one! I like to choose different elements from these looks and blend them through out my Cottage home. Don’t worry, this is fun and you can do it! Remember it’s your home and you need to decorate it to your liking.


Decorating Style Ideas For Creating The Perfect

Cottage Style House

cottage style powder room

Country Cottage Style:
Bursting with farmhouse appeal. A charming mix of warm woods, rich color tones, and rustic elements.

Shabby Chic Decorating: A newer cottage look with soft pastels. A blend of flea-market finds and vintage treasures.

Romantic Cottage:  Full of pinks, and florals, and plenty of feminine touches.

Beach Cottage Style: A cool breezy decorating style with sea-inspired treasures, colors and accents.

French Country Style:
Dressed up farm folk style, vibrant color schemes, with a variety of fun decor accents.

Cottage Garden Style:
Inspired by nature’s color palette. A fresh, easy style with the look of bringing the outdoors in.

English Cottage Style:
Going back in time with rich antiques, a little lace and china tea cups.

Rustic Cottage Style:
A laid-back and cozy feel. A look that echoes a vacation getaway, with plenty of log cabin appeal.

Swedish Cottage Style:
A newly popular decor. A light, clean, and uncluttered style, accented with architectural details.


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