Cottage Bathrooms Using Vintage Inspired Style

Cottage bathrooms and the decor associated with them stir in us an inexplicable desire to enter, put our feet up, and relax. Cottages are a place to be refreshed and renewed. Why not create that very ambiance in your own bathroom? A beautiful cottage style bathroom is within your grasp with a bit of creativity and time.

White, white and more white is often the color palette used in a cottage bathroom. If using actual color on the walls makes you nervous, then go with an all white motif for your cottage bathroom.

Add some vintage cottage style with a white pedestal sink, white claw foot tub, and white cabinets or storage units. You can install white wainscoting on the walls or even the ceiling, which will provide that perfect vintage inspired feel.

Once the fixtures are in place, use green plants, glass jars, distressed wood baskets, seaside colored towels, wall art, and fresh flowers to add color and texture to your cottage bathroom.


vintage style bathroom

Paint colors (other than white) associated with cottage bathroom decorating include soft seaside greens and blues, soft peach or apricot, slate blue, yellow, coral, or earth tones.

Every bathroom space is unique in size and dimension. Storage options will vary greatly. Repurpose items you already have in your home to serve as functional or decorative storage in the bathroom.

Cottage style bathrooms look best when filled with items that look as though they’ve already had an interesting life, but are still sturdy and willing to work.

An old apothecary piece would serve well for storing toiletries and extra towels. Paint it white and distress it yourself if desired. Kitchen storage options often work well in a bathroom to hold items used daily. Trunks can double as storage and a space on which to display favored items.

shabby chic bathroom

Vanities don’t need to be typical. Use an old cabinet or chest of drawers instead. If you have the space, build your own and make it look
like a cottage piece with paint. Wall sconces or antique-style lighting bring a warm glow to your bathroom. Linear storage works well in
smaller bathrooms. Use a thin, tall bookshelf for storing rolled up towels and displaying vintage inspired pieces.

Cottage Style Ideas

  • Paint a vintage birdcage and hang it in the corner to hold a plant or hand towels and washcloths
  • Vintage buttons – attach to a wood frame, around a mirror, or frame a grouping for wall art
  • Topiaries – create your own and place on floor or on a shelf
  • Benches with or without storage provide nice seating. Use floral or striped fabric and make a cushion too.
  • Bell jars are a wonderful vintage find – use them over decorative items or toiletries
  • Hang an old glass pane window on the wall as a decorative accent
  • Teapots and tea cups with saucers can hold cotton swabs or makeup brushes in style
  • Decoupage a vintage jewelry box
  • Frame old-style calendar pages or pages from a nature magazine

cottage style bathroom

Cottage style decorating incorporates simplicity, a lived-in appearance without being shabby or unkempt, an antique or vintage flair, and creates an atmosphere that makes you want to stay awhile.

Personalize your new bathroom with items that you love and it will be your refuge and haven.


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