Coffee Filter Wreath In Turquoise

coffee filter wreath turquoise

I have loved coffee filter wreaths and projects I have seen across blogland in the last year or so. I have been wanting to try my hand at one myself. Nester and Kimba from  Soft Place To Land gave great tutorials on making theirs. After seeing those great creations, I knew I wanted to make one, and I finally got around to doing my own with a turquoise twist!

Here is my instructions for making this fun and inexpensive coffee filter wreath for your home. This wreath cost me about $10.00 total.

Supplies You will need:

  • 1 Large package of coffee filters
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • 1 Wreath Form (styrofoam or straw) I used a straw wreath and kept it wrapped to avoid a big mess.
  • Scissors
  • Craft paint in your favorite color
  • 1 Sponge Brush

Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial

coffee filter wreath

1. Gather all supplies and heat up glue gun. (Make sure you have lots of glue sticks)

2. When attaching each coffee filter to your wreath form, you will fold them in half to look like a fan.

3. Then fold them another time as shown above. (you will repeat that folding process for every filter that you attach to the wreath form)

coffee filter wreath

4-6. Keep repeating the folding and gluing of the coffee filters working your way all around the wreath. Don’t worry about trying to make all the filters tight together to start, you will go back and fill in gaps as you go. You will keep adding and adding till it gets really “full” like tight ruffles all over the wreath.

coffee filter wreath

7. One important thing that I learned as I went was that I hadn’t gone far enough down on the sides of the wreath so that it was full and flush to the wall when the wreath would be finished. So I turned the wreath upside down and added them all around inside and outside of the wreath. This is important as it will make your wreath look really full and to insure you don’t have any wreath form showing.

8. BE PATIENT. The process of gluing these filters on is kind of boring.  I had to take breaks in between as it seemed to take a while.  Keep going, because it really does get better!

9. Take scissors and trim off filters that are sticking out. (Don’t cut too much because you will be trimming again after you paint. So don’t get too perfectionist about the shape here) Just cut off the extra long places.  This will make a difference in the end result when adding color to the wreath.

coffee filter wreath

10. Pour your color of craft paint on a paper plate and add a small amount of water, then stir it with your sponge brush.  You will want the paint watered downed a bit. This will make the edges of the filters soak up the paint better.

11. Dab paint all over the wreath.  (Dabbing is the key here, if you pull the brush across you will get splatters everywhere! ) Work your way all over the wreath adding color. I had so much fun with this part.  I loved adding a dimension of color.  You could even do more than one shade of a color if you want. You want the paint to cover the edges of the filters.

After painting, set aside to dry.

12. Trim with scissors again. Shape the wreath into a solid ruffly sea urchin looking creation! As you can see when you get finished you will be cutting off some of the color.  I liked this effect.  I didn’t want the wreath to be too solid in color. I wanted the tan coffee filters to still show through.  Play around with this.  If you want more color or see spots where you want more paint then after trimming add more paint!

This is easy, and be sure to have fun with it.

turquoise coffee filter wreath

And… VOILA the end result. I am super happy with it. I can’t wait to add a ribbon and hang it up.

turquoise wreath

For now I loved the way the wreath looked on my mantle. I already had the old window with its perfectly matched turquoise color already on it! I didn’t plan it that way. Really!

What color will you make your coffee filter wreath? You could do this same project with white coffee filters.  What fun would another color be?  I think I am going to try another one soon.

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  1. It looks wonderful! I love the color on the edges–it reminds me of beautiful dried hydrangeas.
    I also like the way you trimmed your wreath.

    Good job! Hope your fingers are healing!

    • Wow- I never thought of that Richella. Now that you mention this, It does look like hydrangeas! That gives me ideas to try some other color combinations. hmmm…

  2. Alena Prysch says:

    I love it!!! I agree with Richella…it has a hydrangea look to it! It’s also has a beachy look to it and I live by the beach with those colors including whites:) Thanks for you post!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Now I am tempted to make one in pale pink! Thank you for the tutorial!


  4. Oh Denise I love it! It’s time to redecorate around here anyway, so I think I will need to try that!

  5. Oh wow! That is super clever! I love that idea! It’s so cute!!!

  6. Fantastic results Denise! Did you use hot glue or just regular glue? Thanks!

  7. i think this would look nice with a couple of starfish attached ! i looove it

  8. It is beautiful Denise!

  9. wow. this turned out awesome.

    do you know, that i still have never done one of these wreaths. i always LOVE them!

    would of never thought to paint it to add even more fun.
    super cool idea.

    thanks for linking up to the fling!


  10. This is beautiful! Can’t wait to try! Thanks :-)

  11. Oh wow, that wreath is so pretty! Love it!

    I’m visiting from Spring Fling :)

  12. Love! And, I am so glad that you are hosting a party…maybe I can paint something this weekend. Teehee.

  13. I love that you added the color to your wreath! I made one with rolled pages from an old book…alot of the gals out there in blogland have made themand I put a spin on mine by “antiquing the edges of the paper with a sepia tone. The wreath looked great with a grouping of old sepia tone photos! I really hate myself for having sold it but you have totally inspired me to make another! Going to check out the spring fling party nowfor more inspiring ideas!

  14. Stumbled this friend! Love it!!

  15. Adorable, would do mine the same color , as my living room is chocolate browns and turquoise !
    The Little Things


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