5 Christ Centered Christmas Activities For Kids

Continuing on from yesterday with the beginning of the advent season, I wanted to share 5 Christ centered Christmas activities for kids. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we busy moms will be running errands, shopping, cleaning and planning meals for family and friends. It is the time of year when the real emphasis should be on togetherness, timeless traditions, family and friends.holiday bliss blog series
It is the time of year when the real emphasis should be on togetherness, timeless traditions, family and friends. How do we instill in our children the true meaning of the holidays with all the hype that has become a part of the impending season?  Here are some fun engaging projects to do with your kids.  I hope these will spark some ideas for you as well.

5 Christ Centered Christmas Activities For Kids

5 christ centered christmas activities for kids

1. Birthday Party for Jesus

Christmas parties are common during the season, but to keep the focus on Christ, throw a birthday party for Jesus. The kids can help plan this party, inviting their friends for an evening of Christ-centered fun.

  • Start with Christmas card invitations and encourage guests to bring canned goods for donation instead of a present.
  • For games, use traditional party games with a Christmas twist, such as Christmas themed Charades or pin the halo on an angel. Musical chairs played with Christmas carols is fun too.
  • Be sure to have a birthday cake for Jesus, with “Happy Birthday, Jesus” written on the cake in icing. Before serving the cake, sing “Happy Birthday to Jesus” and have a prayer of thanks.

2. Wise Man Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re hosting a group of kids from church or you just want to plan a fun night for the kids, a Wise Man scavenger hunt is tons of fun.

  • Gather several Christmas themed items, such as a Christmas star, an angel ornament, a small baby Jesus from a nativity and other similar items.
  • Hide them around the area you’ve set aside for the scavenger hunt.
  • When writing the clues for the hunt, use hints that are Christmas themed too.
  • Before you begin the scavenger hunt, remind the kids about the story of the Wise Men and how they journeyed seeking for Jesus.
  • Then, send your “Wise Men” off on the hunt.

child nativity scene

3. Family Nativity Scene Activity

This Christmas, make the Nativity Scene extra special with this fun Nativity Scene activity for the whole family. It can be done in four weeks, taking one day each week for the activity during the month of December. Instead of simply putting up the Nativity in one anti-climactic evening, this fun activity really teaches kids more about the Christmas story. It also offers some important bonding time for the whole family during the busy season.

  • Week #1 – Set up the Stable, but place Joseph, Mary and a donkey at a location far away from the stable, telling kids that Mary and Joseph lived far from Bethlehem and had to travel a long way to get there. Read kids Luke 2:1-5. Let kids help with the placement of the nativity figures. End the family time with a favorite Christmas carol.
  • Week #2 – Add animals in the stable and move the donkey, Joseph and Mary into the stable, along with baby Jesus. Place the shepherds and the angel a distance from the stable, explaining that when Jesus was born, the angel appeared to the shepherds to tell them about the birth. Read kids Luke 2: 6-15. End with a Christmas carol, such as “Silent Night” or “Joy to the World.”
  • Week #3 – Remove the angel and move shepherds to the stable with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. Talk about how the shepherds left their flocks to come worship Jesus. Read kids Luke 2:16-20. Sing or listen to a Christmas carol, such as “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” or “Angels We Have Heard on High.”
  • Week #4 – This week it’s time to add the Wise Men to the nativity. Read kids Matthew 2:1- 11 and then talk about the gifts the wise man brought to Jesus. A great song to listen to or sing together is “We Three Kings.

4. Christmas Story 20 Questions Game

Christmas Story 20 Questions is a fun game to play as a family or to add to a Christmas party or gathering. It takes the old game of 20 questions and customizes it to help kids keep Christ in Christmas.

  • To prepare for the game, come up with several ideas for a subject that goes along with the Christmas story, such as Mary, baby Jesus, sheep, Wise Men, stable or Bethlehem.
  • The first person picks a slip of paper and then says “I’m thinking of someone (or something).” Kids then try to figure it out by asking questions, but they can only ask 20 questions and those questions must be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No.”
  • The one to guess gets to go next, picking a new slip of paper and beginning the game again.

bible verse christmas ornament

5. Bible Verse Christmas Ornament Craft

Making ornaments for the Christmas tree is always fun and this ornament lets kids creating something beautiful while remembering some important Bible verses about Christmas.
Supply List:

  •  cardboard
  • red ribbon
  • glue
  • tea water or brown water color paint
  • tan paper
  • decorative items


  • Start by printing out a Bible verse, such as Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 2:11 or another Christmas verse.
  • Print the verse right in the middle of the paper, centering it nicely. (Note: You’ll need several verses if you’re doing this with several kids)
  • Once the verse is printed, have kids wrinkle up the paper to make it appear old. The edges can be ripped as well to make it look older. Then, use a pencil to curl the ends of the paper so it looks like a scroll, using glue to glue the ends so they won’t uncurl later.
  • Glue the verse scroll to some cardboard to make it stay rigid. Then, use watered down brown watercolor paint or some concentrated tea water to pain over the entire scroll, making it look brown.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Glue the red ribbon on so the ornament will hang the tree.
  • Decorative items can be glued on to make the ornament look more festive.

I pray you enjoy these 5 Christ centered Christmas activities for kids and even think of some new ones on your own!

5 christ centered christmas activities for kids

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