20 Simple Decorating Tips For Fall and Thanksgiving

20 decorating tips for fall and thanksgiving

Decorating for this time of year can be simple and without much fuss or money. As we have been celebrating Autumn Bliss all this month, I have gathered up 20 simple decorating tips for fall and thanksgiving.  I think some of us tend to bypass this time of year for decorating in our homes, and just wait till Christmas, but it is a great time to transition the home from one season to the next, adding warmth and touches of nature to bring a cozy feel to our living spaces. 20 Simple Decoarating … [Read more...]

How To Preserve Hydrangeas

how to preserve hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas! They are one of the most rewarding plants that I have around my house.  The blooms are so unique and like no other.  If your climate allows for growing hydrangeas, I highly recommend this plant. Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers with blossoms that come in a variety of colors. Green, white, mauve, pink and blue are some of the most popular colors. There are approximately 25 species of hydrangeas ranging from a climbing variety to potted plants given for special holidays. They … [Read more...]

How To Make A Vintage Inspired Chalkboard

want to homeschool - how to get started

  A few weeks ago I shared our rain gutter bookshelf project, which is working out beautifully.  Since school is sneaking up on us and I am busy getting our school room up to snuff, I  wanted to show you how we created a vintage inspired school room chalkboard. This project really cost me nothing, as I already had all the supplies.  Even if you were to go buy the supplies, I can tell you it would be minimal. This was a quick and easy project-my favorite kind!   How to make … [Read more...]

Homeschool Room Rain Gutter Bookshelves

rain gutter bookshelves

I thought it would be fun to repost this popular DIY project we did last year.  These rain gutter bookshelves, have served us well.  This wall in our homeschool room has changed quite a big and I will show you in a future post how our school room functions now. We still use these bookshelves every day, and I love the flexibility of them.  Enjoy! Homeschool Room Rain Gutter Bookshelves    Homeschool Project #1:  Rain Gutter Bookshelves. I have been seeing rain gutter bookshelves … [Read more...]

Our Potager Progress :: Building Boxes and Preparing The Ground

potager progress bees and berries

I am back with a post about our potager garden progress. In my first post about our large garden project, I showed you my dream garden inspirations and our vision for creating a large potager in our backyard. Just look at this beautiful garden from Country Living....Yes, I love it! Here was the preliminary planning stage of the Potager in the photo below. We measured, plotted and marked off where we wanted the potager. I drew a rough draft on graph paper, so we could get an idea of … [Read more...]

Decorating With Plants – The Beauty and Benefits of Houseplants

decorating with plants

I have been having fun decorating with plants in my home. I used to have a lot of plants and slowly over time they kind of went by the wayside. (In other words they died!) I decided it was time to bring touches of nature back into the house through living plants! How To Start Decorating With Plants There are so many ways to start decorating with plants.  Houseplants can be tucked into corners and fill in gaps where you need some fresh greenery and texture.  The nice thing with indoor green … [Read more...]