Beach House Decorating

beach shell and sand
Wanting to create Beach House Decorating Style?
You don’t have to live on waterfront property to start living with this easy casual cottage style!

Maybe you’re wanting to fix up a small beach bungalow or long to create a coastal-inspired look for your home or apartment.

Whether you desire to incorporate Beach House Decorating style in a room or your entire dwelling. Beach style is very easy to achieve.

Beach House Style is all about a clean, breezy look. It takes on a clutter free, and relaxed atmosphere. It is rather easy to acquire beach style decor accents.

The secret to achieving Beach Cottage Style is in taking your cues from nature. Pulling the elements from that of the sea, into your home. Accenting with sea
inspired palettes, and ocean treasures throughout. Beach Style Decorating is so easy to create, and will make you feel relaxed and serene.

One secret to achieving this look is to get rid of a lot of clutter. You will want to give your home a fresh cleaning out, and decluttering, so that your house can feel
fresh and serene. Once the clutter is removed, then you can have fun accenting with coastal inspired home decor.


Beach Cottage Style

Here are some easy decorating ideas to spur you on, and get you on your way to creating a wonderful retreat style space.

Beach House Colors: are most commonly sea-inspired colors. These are soft shades of blues, greens, coral and shell pinks, and natural shades of sand.

All of these colors create a wonderful palette to live with, and are easy on the eye.
beach house colors

A popular color being used today is a spa blue. This creates a refreshing Beach House Decorating look. You can always accent this color with pinks for some warmth.

Paint Your Walls: Use any of the shades as mentioned above. Don’t think you have to stay to neutral walls, by all means use color if that’s what you like.  Just be sure to have plenty of whites to bring about the airy and fresh look that Beach House Style is all about.

Another popular color combination being used right now is the teal green or spa blue with brown. This would be perfect for a beach look.

Look at the colors used in this beach themed bedroom as inspiration. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

Beach House Walls: lend themselves to clapboard or wide width bead board. This adds the look of a beach bungalow retreat.

You can apply bead board paneling on horizontally or vertically on walls and/or ceilings.
Look at this blue and white beach house. You will notice the walls have this treatment on them.
Take note of the simple color scheme of a soft, fresh blue and white. This is so simple to create.

Window Treatments: for beach style, should stay rather simple and unadorned. I would use the wide slat wood blinds, in white or natural or reed style roll-down shades.

If using curtains or valances be cure to keep them rather light-weight and airy. You want a lot of natural light to shine through.


Beach Cottage Floors: look best when kept clean and simple. Natural and painted wood floors with throw rugs look great with this decorating style.

Tile floors are another option, and always add to a tropical and beach house style decorating look.
If you can add a sisal or textured rug, it would be a great addition. Beach house style is enhanced by items with a lot of texture.


Beach Style Furniture: is casual in style, with easy-care fabrics. For couches and chairs, slipcovered furniture would be nice.

Remember Beach House Decorating has a vacation, or “getaway” feel to it.

Wood furniture looks best kept on the lighter side, possibly pine or painted wood in shades of white. Notice the uncluttered and clean look to this sitting room.

Ottomans are a wonderful multi-use item. They always provide extra seating and give a homey relaxed feeling of “putting your feet up”.

Take notice of the big bowl of sea treasures atop this comfy ottoman- a perfect decor accent.

Wicker furniture is another great option for Beach House Style Decorating. Wicker provides that light and casual look that is so typical of beach bungalow style.

Don’t be afraid to use wicker in accent pieces such as, end tables, and accent pieces. Wicker and reed style baskets make great decorating accents and add a lot of texture.

Adirondack furniture is a perfect addition for the outdoors of your beach style cottage. Adding these elements to the outside of your beach inspired home, will give a relaxed and welcoming feel.

Are you ready to surround yourself with the look and feel of the seaside? Maybe you want to start by decorating a bathroom or bedroom in Beach House Decorating Style.

Whatever your desire-you can now get started collecting and decorating. Remember have fun! I think I can hear the ocean waves and smell the sea air, can’t you?

Would you like 10 Easy Beach Decorating Ideas to get you started?

Then go to Beach Home Decorating to get you started.

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