Did you find me at Little House on the Valley?

little house on the valley

I wanted to write up one more post here, and make sure ya'll got the news of my new blog home at Little House on the Valley. A Quick Note About Subscribing If you are an email  or RSS subscriber to Denise In Bloom, you don't need to do anything, as I have transferred you over to the new blog.  But you may get a message from my mail provider Feedblitz asking you if you want to subscribe to Little House on the Valley.  I had some people confused today, so just wanted to give you a head's … [Read more...]

I Have Moved To Little House on the Valley!

little house on the valley

I have officially moved! You can come on over and find me blogging at Little House on the Valley! Be sure to "LIKE" the brand new Facebook page. HERE as the Denise in Bloom page will be phasing out. After a day or two you won't see Denise in Bloom anymore.  But no worries, if you click on an old post link or forget and to try to come to Denise in Bloom you will be re-directed to Little House on the Valley. Can't wait to see you there, and be sure to let me know what you think … [Read more...]

I’m moving to a Little House on the Valley!

little house on the valley

You know how some days you wake up and realize that you want to lose weight, need a new hairstyle, or it's time for a new paint job on your house?  Well that's what happened here on my blog. Over the last 6 months or so I have been contemplating giving a new name and fresh look to my blog. To change Denise in Bloom (which is a blog about just me) into a blog that was more about our family life, and a reflection of our days here in our little house on the valley.  (And we really do live in a … [Read more...]

Simple Jute Webbing Basket

How To Make A Jute Webbing Basket

I couldn't wait to show you this fun new project! I am now in love with jute webbing. I whipped up this quick and easy jute webbing basket within about 30 minutes and for only $7.00!  It just doesn't get much better than that. The ideas for filling this basket are endless. Flowers, craft and yarn supplies, a plant, magazines, a gift basket for a holiday...you decide. So what is jute webbing? Jute webbing is an upholstery product meant to be used for webbing on chair seats, and under … [Read more...]

15 Cheap and Easy Headboard Makeover Ideas

15 DIY headboard Ideas

I have gathered up fifteen cheap and easy headboard makeover ideas. I hope these will inspire you to fix up any bedroom in your home.  I personally have been trying to figure out a way to spruce up my plain bedroom headboard or just start over with a new idea.  And we can all use headboard ideas to get our creative juices going.  Have fun browsing these headboard decorating ideas, and let me know which is your favorite idea.  15 Cheap and Easy Headboard Makeover Ideas   I love … [Read more...]

Tips For Organizing Kid’s Rooms

Tips For Organizing Kids Rooms

Need help when it comes to tips for organizing and creating more space for your kid's rooms?  A kid's room is often a multi-tasking room, which means it is a space that requires efficient organization or else it ultimately becomes a cluttered mess. Kids today do much more in their rooms than just sleep. They go to their rooms to play, to do homework, to read books, enjoy fun time with friends, and to simply hide from the world. A kids's room should be a reflection of who they are as a … [Read more...]