27 All Natural Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Are you ready to make some amazing all natural homemade ice cream recipes? If you have ever wanted healthier versions of ice cream to serve your family, this is the post for for you!  I have had a blast rounding up this fun delectable and awesome tasty treat list of 27 homemade all natural ice cream recipes.

This is proof that you can have the best of ingredients and indulge in a sweet treat at the same time!

27 all natural homemade ice cream recipes

You will find  all natural homemade ice cream recipes here that are made with coconut milk, kefir, and whole raw milk. You will find recipes sweetened naturally with honey and unrefined sugars. There are gluten free, and dairy free ice cream recipes in this amazing line up as well.

This post will give you a nice variety of flavors, textures, and tastes to suit everyone in your household. There’s plenty of chocolate, vanilla, and everything in between!  The best part is that the ingredients are top notch without all the junk found in the store-bought ice creams. Have fun finding new all natural homemade ice cream recipes.

*You will find the blog source for each recipe below it’s photo.  Be sure to click over to read the recipe.

27 All Natural Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

coconut milk ice cream recipe

1. Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream from Cheeseslave

beet chocolate chip ice cream

2. Beet Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Homemade Mommy

chocolate orange coconut ice cream

3. Chocolate Orange Ice Cream from Whole Natural Life

vanilla bean ice cream recipe

4. Cultured Vanilla Ice Cream from The Coconut Mama

coconut blueberry frozen yogurt

5. Coconut Blueberry Frozen Yogurt from Homegrown and Healthy

candy bar ice cream recipe

6. Candy Bar Ice Cream from Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

homemade blueberry lemon gelato

7. Blueberry Lemon Gelato from Weed Em’and Reap

two ingredient chocolate ice cream recipe

8.  Two Ingredient Decadent Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream by Homemade Mommy

chocolate chip mint ice cream

9. Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream from Tasty Yummies

vanilla bean ice cream

10. Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream from Health Starts In The Kitchen

german chocolate ice cream recipe

11. German Chocolate Ice Cream From The Coconut Mama

one ingredient banana ice cream

12. One Ingredient Banana “Ice Cream” from Health Extremist

strawberry date ice cream

13. Strawberry Date Ice Cream from Homemade Mommy

lavender honey ice cream

14.Lavender Homey Ice Cream from Healthy Green Kitchen

strawberry ice cream recipe

15. Homemade Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream from Savory Lotus

simple no-cook vanilla ice cream

16. Simple No-Cook Vanilla Ice Cream from The Prairie Homestead

double chocolate ice cream recipe

17. Anti-Stress Double Chocolate Ice Cream from Butter Nutrition

Persian Love Ice Cream

18. Saffron And Rose Persian Love Ice Cream from And Here We Are

Real Milk Vanilla Ice Cream

19. Real Milk Vanilla Ice Cream from Homemade Mommy

chocolate banana ice cream sandwich

20. Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Sandwich from Healy Real Food Vegetarian

chocolate probiotic ice cream recipe

21. Chocolate Probiotic Ice Cream from Homemade Mommy

strawberry and cream ice cream recipe

22. Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream from A Joyful Mother

Plum or Peach Coconut Ice Cream

23. Plum or Peach Coconut Ice Cream from Homemade Mommy

vanilla ice cream

24. Vanilla Kefir Ice Cream From Cheeseslave

Blueberry Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream

25. Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream from Tasty Yummies

blood orange ice cream recipe

26. Blood Orange Dreamsicle Dairy Free Ice Cream From Primally Inspired

maple pumpkin ice cream recipe

27. Maple Pumpkin Ice Cream from Homemade Mommy

Isn’t this a fun post, full of creamy sweet goodness? I know you will enjoy exploring these all natural homemade ice cream recipes, and be sure to let me know which ones are your favorites!

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Have fun creating frozen treats and memories with your family this summer!


27 all natural homemade ice cream recipes


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  1. Terry Roseberry says

    Denise, I love your blog site! I can’t wait to try some of these! Thanks so much for all of your research and sharing!

  2. Sharon davis says

    I have a concern about using raw eggs! This has been a concern for a long time. Maybe you could give me you could a answer this for me. Many recipes contain raw eggs and Im just at lost on this. Thank you ! Love all you recipes.

  3. says

    What a great compilation! With so many super hot days in the forecast, this list might just have to become my go-to place for cool happiness :-) Thanks for compiling it!

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